About Spinner Cup

Introducing Spinner Cup

Spinner Cup is the latest evolution in the travel mug market. This unique travel mug has been developed in Europe and has a patented stirring mechanism that uses green energy, magnetism.

Hot and cold drinks can now be stirred quickly and easily thanks to the included magnetic spoon. Users from the Spinner Cup don't have to use spoons that are available in public areas in order to stir their drink. The magnetic spoon contributes to the hygienic safety conditions of the users from the Spinner Cup during the pandemic as Covid-19 transmits itself trough saliva and indirectly contaminated objects.

Thanks to the magnetic stirring mechanism, you don't have to waste time charging your cup. The Spinner cup works without batteries or electricity and fits in the car cupholder. This means you can take your travel mug along with you, wherever you go.

Because the Spinner Cup does not use extra plastic spoons, cups, batteries and other objects, no extra waste is created. Therefore using this travel mug contributes to the environment.

How the Spinner Cup works

The Spinner Cup is very simple and easy to use and clean, as well as incredibly fun. Its unique engineered mechanical design makes the use of the Spinner Cup look like magic.

Each time you press the single button, the magnetic spoon inside the travel mug starts to spin. The faster and more frequently you press, the faster the spoon stirs, ultimately resulting into a vortex, which is what makes it so fun to use this amazing and innovative travel mug.